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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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twisted. i want this to be a magnificent institution for health care for people. the eir does not address the issues of the noise, the haunting that happens when the car's back up. i have seen emergency vehicles on franklin street have to go on the sidewalk to get through. and they backed up into traffic. the traffic will not part for them. the idea of having even more is very frightening. additionally, the brt program, including more traffic onto franklin street and polk street, the other parallel streets to van ness, and now we are going to be faced with all of these driveways on franklin street accessing the hospital. it is already a very difficult issue for pedestrians and traffic. [bell rings] we have other projects that also
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happening that are going to have driveways. taxicabs are not going to go into those in driveways, the interior driveway. there is also no place for paratransit vans that have to wait for passengers. and the are only for managed care. many disabled are on medicare and medi-cal. we have the right to choose. august or september 2010, i requested to see somebody ought patient for that insurance and was flatly denied by cpmc. commissioner fong: thank you very much. if i called your name, come on up.
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have i called your name? marlena, carlito, stanley. >> ok? good afternoon, commissioners. my name is angelina, 81 years young. i am a senior and lived in the tenderloin for 27 years now. i am also in member of the tenderloin filipino american community organization. as a resident in the tenderloin, i have spoken several times about why we should not approve cpmc's planning of this.
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i have spoken several times about why we should disapprove cpmc's plan. it will not serve us. we need a hospital that will accept seniors and low-income families as well. we demand that sutter cpmc do its fair share of serving low- income patients. cpmc should not have the burden of -- [unintelligible] sutter cpmc should be made accountable and pay back what they owe in terms of providing services to low-income residents. we want to make sure that medicare and patience and families -- we are demanding cpmc for a partnership with the
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community-based clinic in the tenderloin so that residents can have access. we want cpmc to address these issues by having a community benefits agreement that is acceptable for the community. [speaking foreign language] ok. commissioner fong: thank you. [laughter] >> my name is teselle, a resident of the south side. i support 3a because we need at st. luke's to operate at full capacity. our area is already underserved. this is the district's nine, 10, 11, the whole southeast side. if you recall when they made their presentation, they talked
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about st. luke's by saying secure the future for st. luke's. how is that possible with only 80 beds? we asked you revisit alternative 3a as the most appropriate basis for the project. it is also the best option to meet the whole city is in need -- city's need. thank you. commissioner fong: thank you. i called everyone's name here, right? >> commissioners, thank you for this chance for the community to address you. my name is alex, and i am here because i support 3a because st. luke's is so important to our community. i remember that six was the place to go if you had no option. many uninsured and underinsured people could go there if they
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had no other options. over the years, cpmc has been making it harder and harder to get care. i support expanding st. luke's is part of the plan for the vital services for low-income residents of the south side of the city. we have seen in our society what happens when people are underrepresented and they get affected by so many cuts. please, i am asking for you to see this side of the people in need. i, myself, have been going to general for service, and it is overcrowded. so we do definitely need the whole community of san francisco to have st. luke's not only restored to what it used to be and maybe even expand it. please join me to join3a --
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please join me to support 3a. thank you very much. >> hello. my name is jason frazier. i do not have anything prepared today, but i am here to speak against the dmbc -- whatever it is. i want to say that i had multiple sclerosis, part of the tenderloin. and i believe that i need a place where i can go that is close to the tenderloin, because i go to general now. it is good. i like general. there should be more like general. a profit making company like that pmbc plays is not right.
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thank you, my friends. . giants. [laughter] commissioner fong: go giants. >> good afternoon, commissioners. it's like a resident of tenderloin for about six years. it supported the filipino community organization. i am here today to speak about the proposal for the cpmc hospital on and van ness and how this project will affect low- income residents in tenderloin. i know that affordable housing in the tenderloin is a very hard to find. most families in tenderloin share with relatives and friends in a small one-studio unit because they cannot afford the rent.
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some employees of cpmc plan to come into the neighborhood, causing displacement among low- income families. we have been in the tenderloin -- [unintelligible] wherever these people -- this will help address their housing needs. that is why it is very important for cpmc to follow the van ness and area plant requirements to build affordable housing. therefore, i demand that cpmc should it do more affordable housing in the community. we cannot add to the housing problem of the community, but in said -- but instead, we want cpmc to help our community
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housing needs. to help the low-income families in our community. thank you very much, commissioners. >> good afternoon. i have lived in the tenderloin for the past 23 years. i am a senior citizen, and i am also a member of the tenderloin filipino american community organization. i am also here to ask the commissioners and your members to ensure that cpmc does its fair share of serving low-income families in our community. we need a development in our neighborhood. cpmc should also serve our needs. tenderloin residents need better access to hospital care. cpmc must accept more medi-cal
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and medicare patients. we're demanding this. cpmc forming a partnership with the community-based clinic in the tenderloin ex-president's can have preferred access. therefore, -- the tenderloin or residents can have preferred access to please ensure that cpmc will give complete benefits to the committee through a community benefit a great for this project is approved. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a member of the tenderloin filipino american community association and a resident of tenderloin. i am here today to ask the honorable members of the planning commission to ensure that cpmc will do its fair share
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of serving the health care needs of the low-income families in the tenderloin, based on the records, cpmc's profit was 12 times the combined annual profit of private, nonprofit hospitals. yet, their record in providing this is the lowest base of net patient revenue. [unintelligible] as a non-profit entity. we in the tenderloin are united in demanding that cpmc must do its fair share in helping the low-income residents in the tenderloin. we need real access to care. cpmc should increase affordable access to all kinds of hospital health care, especially for seniors and low-income families.
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cpmc must also support our community clinics so that they can provide adequate service agreements. we want cpmc to address these issues by signing a community benefits agreement that is acceptable to the community. i thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is tom, a seven-year resident of the tenderloin. health care is extremely important to us all, and i want to address this issue. my chief concern for health care is that many people in the tenderloin not only get sick at a higher rate than normal, but there death ensues in many cases. we have to improve overall healthcare in the tenderloin district and to have a nurse practitioner come in each building at least an hour a week. this would not only serve the
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people in a practical way but would increase their awareness of the living with health in mind, and is the nurse practitioner being in the building every week would cause the residents to take note of the critical health issues which could affect their very lives. i believe the service could be rendered with considerable ease by cpmc. they make enough profit to sustain a community progress. we want you to take a close look at the study is already done on the health issue, because we believe the present eir does not effectively convey the true condition of health care in the tenderloin. presently, we know that cpmc is capable of doing much better job with the community in mind because of their vast resources and income. we urged the commissioners to take a new study in carefully assess the true nature of the situation. rebuild cpmc the right way. thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is rose, and i lived in the tenderloin for the past 20 years. i am also a member of the tenderloin filipino american community association. we need development of our community, but this development should also help the low-income residents in our community. cpmc continues to make super profits while giving very little of that profit back in terms of health care services for the poor. worse is that the plan to downgrade the things that so many low-income communities depend on. cpmc must operate in be sustainable and phillippe stop
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st. luke's hospital for the southeastern san francisco committees. it is writes for them to think of profits and service to the port. i hope that our good commissioners will ensure that cpmc do its fair share in serving low-income patients before they think up approving it. we demand that cpmc should increase primary-care access in our community and make long-term commitments to the community- based clinics in providing direct care in the hospital. we should ensure many medicare and medi-cal patients like we're able to use cpmc facilities. we have the right to health care. we demand that cpmc should hear our voice and come up with a solution to these issues by signing a mutually-accepted
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community benefits agreement. thank you very much. >> thank you, commissioners. i am a member of the tenderloin filipino american community association. cpmc should address all of important issues that our communities in demand like affordable housing, access to health care, local hiring, and traffic impacts. tenderloin will be most affected by the projected over 1400 new households. the new cpmc employees will find housing in nearby communities. what will happen to our housing market if they do not sufficiently addressed housing needs? the low-income community will be
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competing with them for affordable housing. second, we do not agree to the proposal to hire only 40 people a year for five years from the community. we cannot agree to a neighbor that is unresponsive to our needs. we want more jobs, more local hiring, and more opportunities. we demand for peace and local hiring for all the jobs they plan to create. -- 50% local hiring. how well cpmc addressed the traffic impact? van ness is already highly congested. so these cars will surely find other ways through the tenderloin, and that will cause more traffic and jeopardize the safety of our pedestrians alas, who once a hospital that does not plan to help address the health care needs of the low- income residents in our community? cpmc should be held accountable to the people.
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we demand that cpmc do its fair share of serving low-income patients. we should not let them pass on their responsibilities to the city. cpmc has the obligation to prioritize service rather than being a non-profit entity. i urge and ask the planning commissioners insurer cpmc do its fair share for low-income people in our community. thank you. commissioner fong: i am going to call some names. gloria, -- carina, henry.
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>> good afternoon. i am currently enrolled in a city built. i think the hospital will be a wonderful job, because we need more hospitals in our community. also, we, as san francisco residents, can come together and provide healthcare, more jobs, and a safe work environment. thank you again. >> if you are not on the list,
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you must allow the president to call those and have those people speak first. we announced that at the very beginning of this hearing that that was going to be the order. if your name has been called, you are on the list of people who have requested special accommodation or in become poor. if your name has not been called, this people come first and then it will call your name. i know your name is on the west. -- the west. -- the list. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm one of several thousand residents, many of whom are
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seniors like myself. it is an unusual neighborhood. just a few of the major housing complexes. most residents minimize their use because of our central location. we had green connections drop our neighborhood. our circulation will be degraded. intersections will be less safe for pedestrians.
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transit will be overloaded. our restoration will be degraded. pickles are slowed by congestion. -- this mega hospital will be compromised by traffic. how to help heal these wounds, these are burn wounds that were planned and cathedral -- these wounds. the mitigation are minimal. the most hearing action you can promote is eir alternative. both cpm city hospitals should
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be of sustainable size for their locations. the oversight is supposed to be about the health and safety of all san franciscans and bay area residents, not just a perceived financial health of sutter. please take a city-wide view sensitive to living neighborhoods and the future sustainability of cathedral hill and st. luke's. in the future, please help us with an prescription to analyze and restudy now -- how to replay with a process which is sadly missing four are heavily populated residential neighborhood whose resources are being shifted unequally to a single overbuild hospital. when there is a more equitable way to reduce the harm. >> the people whose names we have called, if they're not in the room, the president can start calling out names.
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quex have not called her name. i have 200 tricky cards here -- 250 cards here. i do not believe you received that. >> all the special accommodations with col. -- we have called. >> henry webb, angelita fisher, corandia guerro, telphonso -- have a call your name? -- have i called your name?
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ok. i will go to general public comment. why don't we let up on this side? i call your name, line up on your right side of the room and prepare to speak. marquez helton. mike -- scott, and other speakers. thank you.
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i am a student here on behalf of the city academy. i've the support of the rebel because not only will this give us state of their health-care providers but also provide loc al construction workers with job opportunities and possibly become tournament through this process, allowing many of us to provide for our families. i feel like some of the people in the medical field might lose their jobs temporarily but this project will benefit a larger percentage of san francisco local work. it will benefit in the long run. thank you. rex everette call your name,,. >> that afternoon.
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-- good afternoon. i am proud to be a citizen of one of the greatest cities in the world in my opinion. i am fortunate to have been given this opportunity. for those not familiar with the academy, [unintelligible] on local construction jobs. i am here to advocate the building at california pacific medical center. it will provide jobs in a seismically safe hospital in the event of emergency. i can think of no better way to stimulate our local economy and create a large budget projects such as cpm say. after all, we live here so why not work here and spend our money here? please go yesterday. thank you for your time. -- abovote yes today. >president fung: you have
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permits. you do not have to use all three. if you want to go through your comments, please do. >> thank you. and speaking on behalf of city build. it is important to get this project approved not only for jobs but to bring decent health care to low-income families throughout our communities and cities. hospitals and decent health care is a big concern to residents in our city. also our communities are in need of good paying jobs and with these hospital projects, we will get a chance to have an honest way to provide for our future -- our families and super good health care for our communities. thank you.


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